3 Signs That Indicate Your Tree May Be Dying

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If you have trees on your property, it’s important to ensure they’re healthy so that they don’t pose any safety risk to persons or property. The law also requires homeowners to take care of trees on their properties to eliminate potential tree-related dangers. If a homeowner fails to meet these responsibilities, they could be liable for damages.
To avoid any tree-related legal complications, many conscious homeowners work with certified tree services that specialize in both tree inspection and routine tree maintenance. But if you don’t want to wait for the arborists to detect a problem, consult the list below— we list a few common signs that typically indicate your tree is dying.

1. A Thinning Canopy

A thin canopy is not bad per se; in fact, tree trimming increases light penetration and air movement. But if you notice unusual empty spots in the tree’s canopy, chances are the tree is struggling with an insect infestation or weather-related stress. A thinning canopy could also indicate problems with the soil; the soil could be packed too tightly, causing irregular growth.
If some areas (typically the ends of branches) seem dead and empty while other areas (usually the base) look to be thriving with foliage, this may be because of canopy thinning. Call our expert arborists for a free evaluation.

2. Wilting Leaves

The green color found in leaves is what helps them absorb sunlight so it can be converted into food. Wilted, damaged, and discolored leaves indicate that not all is well with your tree. Sometimes the problem isn’t serious, like, for example, when there are brownish tinges on the leaves’ tips; this is typically caused by improper watering. But if too many leaves appear to be discolored or wilted, it’s likely an insect infestation is to blame.
It’s also a problem if the leaves change color and drop prematurely. It’s normal for trees to drop leaves during transition seasons, but if a tree is doing so before other trees in the neighborhood, there could be a problem with that tree. Call an expert tree service to diagnose any problems; they also help with managing diseased trees.

3. Fungi, Ants, and Other Insects Are Prevalent

The lives of ants and trees are intertwined; waste produced by ants creates nutrients, balance acidity in the soil, and even protect trees from other bugs. But a boom in ant population could indicate that your tree is dying or decaying from within; insects like bark beetles and ants feed on decaying sap, something that’s almost always found in diseased, dying, or dead trees.
Fungi growing on the base of the tree is a sign which indicates the tree is decaying from within. Some fungi feed on moist wood, which means they cause trees to rot, while others are parasitic.



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