4 Reasons to Trim Trees

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Trees make natural landscapes more appealing and improve air quality, but they also require a lot of maintenance. Tree maintenance involves regular inspections so infestations and other serious problems can be identified and managed. Trees also need to be trimmed regularly because overgrown branches negatively affect tree health and pose significant risks to persons and property.
If you have a tree on your home or commercial property, the following reasons to consider tree-trimming could help you.

1. Trimming Promotes Growth

Tree trimming promotes growth while helping the tree develop a strong core, one that can withstand harsh weather. Before trimming, an expert arborist looks for dead branches and leaves because these provide food for insects and other organisms. Removing dead branches allows the tree to strengthen healthy branches, and this is good because the tree shouldn’t be using its resources to combat disease and decay typically found in unhealthy branches.
Trimming a tree also improves light penetration and air circulation so the center of the tree can have better access to sunlight. Without trimming, trees can become weak and prone to decay or infestations.

2. Trimming Helps with Visual Appeal

An overgrown tree can obstruct your view of the beautiful scenery surrounding it. As it was said earlier, trimming overgrown branches allows light and moisture to penetrate the tree’s canopy, that way grass and small plants can grow in the soil below. Dead branches are also unsightly and they do nothing to enhance the tree’s shape.

3. Tree Trimming Promotes Safety

Homeowners must ensure that their trees do not cause damage to persons or property. Dead branches, for example, are dangerous because they’re typically flammable; these branches can also fall and injure somebody. In fact, diseased and decayed branches are the first to fall during heavy winds and severe storms. Also, dead and decaying matter attracts destructive insects and even parasitic fungi.

4. Tree Trimming Encourages Fruit Production

As it was said earlier, getting rid of dead and decaying branches will help a tree promote healthy foliage. It should also come as no surprise that a healthy tree has an easier time of growing fruit.
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