4 Signs That Your Tree Is About To Fall

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A dying tree not only looks unappealing; it could also be potentially dangerous to life and property in the entire neighborhood. Thankfully, it is not difficult to spot a potential problem; but, if you aren’t sure, call our tree service expert to assess the risk.

Some of the telltale signs of a problem include:

1. Dead Branches

If the branches of a tree are falling without reason, it could be a sign of a potential problem. Deadwood is a sign that your tree is dying and means exactly what it sounds – the wood is dead. The branches of such dead trees are dry and break easily.
If you notice dead twigs too often, break off one to check the tissue inside. If the tissue is green, there’s nothing to worry. But if the twig/branch appears dead, it could be a sign of another problem.

2. Rotten Roots

As trees age, they become susceptible to decay and issues like fungus. Visible symptoms of a fungal infection include mushroom-like spores near the root. Armillaria root rot is very common among trees and affects the trees by directly killing them or making them weak and susceptible to other diseases.
Some of the other signs of a rotten root include the appearance of a lighter wood with yellowing leaves. In coniferous trees, the trunk excretes too much resin, even causing debris of resin. Sometimes fungal tissue could cover the root.

3. A Hole In The Trunk

When the branches of a tree fall on their own, check the trunk to look for cavity – it could be a sign of a potential problem. You could call our tree trimming experts to check for the problem. If there is enough soft wood in the trunk, the tree is probably safe for now and will not fall.
If you notice a problem, call a professional for help. Do not attempt to cut the tree or branches on your own – your insurance claim could be denied because of reckless action. It is important to take action before the tree falls – insurance companies may deny a claim if the tree shows signs of damage that you could have avoided.
Call our emergency tree removal service team to assess the tree– we’ll analyze the situation and determine if it is necessary to remove the tree.



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