Arborist, Tree Expert Atlanta

Arborist, Tree Expert Atlanta

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How would you live without oxygen? Do you know who produces it? Yes, the Trees. A single tree can produce oxygen that can support at least two humans. They take the carbon dioxide in our surroundings, not just to help us remove polluted air, but because they need it to make food. Carbon dioxide is one of the major requirements in Photosynthesis. In biology, it is the way of making their food, not just for trees but also for the other plants. In human, the doctor is the one who takes care of our health. They are the one who study different diseases, infections and viruses and the one who gives us the proper treatment. Trees and plants also have a doctor; they are the Arborist. The study about trees on, how would you take care of them. The following are some of the Arborist do;

  • Proper Treatment for Trees and Plants
  • Check if it is dying or sick.
  • Do some research about their composition and other purposes.

Fast moving World

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Our world change so fast. New technology creates every day. Look at the houses around you, today, houses now made of hard brick. It’s hard that it even a storm cannot break it. Our ascendants used a tree to build their home in the past, instead of stones and bricks. People who live near the forest use this moment to earn some money because we don’t have big lumber companies before. They cut trees, slice into big and small pieces and sell it in the city. In our present life, we can now see different Tree Company that also takes this opportunity to earn money. They hire the small people who live near the forest and let them work to make a lot of money while those workers earn just a few bucks.

Another thing an Arboriculturist do is Tree Pruning. It is also a treatment in trees and plants. This technique is the need in gardening. They remove some parts that have been caused by a storm, pest or its sickness. It’s not just removing the part that injured, but there are processed and a rule to followed before doing it;

  • They avoid removing the large stubs because it can make it sick or worsen its sickness.
  • They only remove the part that blocks the sunlight, preventing the small plant receiving sunlight.
  • They do it for the plant to become healthy.

The tool they use in pruning method is what they called, “Pruning Shears.” There are fives tools are tools in pruning, Pole Saw, Hand Saw, Chain Saw, Looping Shears and Head Shears.


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Tree Trimming. From the root word, Trim, which means to cut or to remove. In gardening and tree purposes, trimming is to reduce the unwanted part, a part of it that is already dead or excess. It uses in designing plants, like hedges. It is also used to maintain the appearance of the plant or tree for commercial needs. Like pruning, it also uses for it to have a new sprout. The best time to prune and trim them is after winter. It helps it to recover faster and makes them healthy and active because that season is when the trees are sleeping.

There is a lot of Tree Company Georgia area that offers these techniques and other services that will provide your needs. All you need is to choose the best and trusted one. Utilizing how they do their job, their goals, their previous feedbacks on their clients, permits and other information regarding the company. It is better to be wise in choosing the best company in your place because you will also depend on them for your safety and the sake of the tree or plants.

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