Arborvitae Tree Planting Tips

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Tips For Transplanting Arborvitae Trees In Alpharetta

We are the number one Milton tree service, and we at Georgia Tree Company are the only ones capable of assisting with the biggest variety of requests, and we can help you trimming your trees or even moving them.

If you need help moving the Arborvitae windscreen you have to a different position of even a different location we are the more capable team to help you with this request.

Uses of Arborvitae Trees

Widely used as a curtain to improve your privacy, as a wind barrier or just because they look great, Arborvitae trees are a great option when you want to have a live barrier between you and the neighbors or need protection from the wind, Arborvitae trees grow always beautiful no matter the weather conditions as they are very resistant to rain, snow or the sun, Arborvitae trees are used all around the world because of their resilience and low maintenance qualities.

You might be concerned that the soil into which you want to plant your Arborvitae trees is too acidic or has too much sand in it, worry no more because these trees are a true gift from nature not only because of the many uses they have, but because they can grow big and beautiful independently from the type of soil they have been planted in.

Arborvitae trees also known as Thujas are a must have because they serve several purposes while they make any garden look fantastic, a combination of basic care and attention will guarantee these trees to live basically forever,   you could plant a tree with your daughter or son while they’re toddlers and they will see the trees in their 50`s.

Easy Tree Care

These trees do not need a specific amount of time in the sun, we have seen trees that receive sunlight during the whole day, during the whole year and they are in perfect conditions as well as trees that we’ve seen getting just a few hours of sunlight per day. Growing up to 30 feet with a spread at full maturity of 10 feet the Arborvitae trees are one of a kind.

Relocating one or more Thujas?

If you now have inherited a property from one of your loved ones in Milton and they had their go at planting Arborvitae trees or Thujas as wind screens around the property or as ornaments or if you have a new idea on the looks of your property and the trees are going to be relocated because, well that’s what you want, we at Georgia Tree Company are the best option when it comes to relocating trees not only because of our large experience, but because we care and want to ensure your trees living long lasting lives, whether it’s because of aesthetic purposes or an emergency relocation we are the best to help no matter if it’s a young tree or a full mature one reaching its 5th decade.

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