Certified Arborist

It’s Best To Hire A Certified Arborist

A certified Arborist is a professional, and he or she specializes in the management, study and cultivation of trees, shrubs and other types of perennial plants. These professionals are also equipped with the skills and knowledge that is needed to care for any of the greenery that is around your business and/or home.

However, there is more involved than simply maintaining greenery to keep your property looking visually appealing. An experienced and reputable arborist will also work diligently to ensure that guests and customers can safely visit your home or place of business.

So, are you thinking about hiring a certified arborist? There are several advantages to doing so. The following are some of the services a reputable arborist can offer you.


Tree Removal

Is there a tree that is too close to your business or home and you want to have it removed? Are you unsure if a tree or shrub should be removed? An arborist can help you make the best decision, as well as carry out the task if necessary. There are a few reasons why a tree may need to be removed:

A tree that is dead or dying
Obstructing construction
Preventing the growth of other vegetation


Certified Arborist


Certified arborists can help to not only maintain the appearance of greenery, but they can also improve the health of shrubs and trees on your property. They can also help maintain the safety of your property by making sure that there are no tree limbs blocking electrical wires or any tree roots cracking the sidewalk, driveway or parking lot to your structure.

When an aborist removes decayed or weak limbs, potential hazards are prevented and further decay are eliminated.


An arborist does not only remove vegetation, they also plant trees and shrubs. They will even give you advice about the types of shrubs and trees that would be the most appropriate for you based on the climate, your location and preferences.

Emergency Care



Arborists are not only hired for preventative services, but they can also help provide care to your greenery in the event of an emergency.

It is common to have emergency situations arise with your shrubs and trees after a major natural disaster like thunderstorms, snow storms, ice storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

When natural disasters affect your surroundings, you may need to hire an arborist to remove limbs or entire trees.

There are other services that can be provided by an arborist. Aeration and fertilization are necessary for the health of your greenery, especially at the roots. These services can help improve the health of the plant and growth of the root. This can be accomplished by using injections or sprays to prevent insect and disease issues.

When you are ready to hire a certified arborist, be sure to choose one that has all of the certifications that are required in your area. It is also important that they arborist is insured and licensed. Do not hesitate to ask for references or verification of certifications and licenses before hiring.



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