Common Alpharetta Tree Care Diseases And Prevention Methods

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Tree Illnesses

With good timing and the appropriate care we can help you avoid several diseases and even insects common amongst the flora in the state of Georgia, here we give you a few examples of the diseases that can lead to the loss or underdevelopment of them: 

Seridium Canker

This is a disease common of Arborvitae trees and other varieties of Cypress tree. It starts with the browning of branches that can be identified really easily; if you follow the thread in the branch towards the tree trunk you will find cankers, these can be found as well in branches without the flagging symptom yet it is just a few weeks away from developing all symptoms of the disease. If you see symptoms developing in the tree if it’s a young tree this can bring it down really quick in the other hand older trees can take up years to lose the fight against the disease 

Currently there are not chemical treatments that can help stop the spreading of the disease towards the rest of the tree therefore we always suggest replacing the tree and a full inspection of the surrounding ones. 

Hypoxylon Canker

The first observable characteristics of the developing of this disease are the yellowing and wilting of leaves. This disease causes fungal mats developing underneath the bark of the tree, trees can only come infected due to an open wound in the bark since it can only develop beneath it. Avoiding and overcrowded environment can help reduce the possibility of this disease as stress is a factor that can lead to the infection.

Ambrosia Beetles

These beetles excavate tunnels in the trees were they plant their eggs, all this during the spring time. They inject spores of the fungal symbiont in the tree which extracts the nutrients and concentrates near the eggs of the beetle so they can grow strong and fast to spread to other trees and start the cycle again. 

Avoiding stress in trees can help prevent this infection in live trees however if a tree has come to the end of its life a full removal is advised as dead trees are the number one host for the Ambrosia Beetle 

Scale Insects

There are over eight thousand species of scale insects which makes it a very common situation to be faced to.

These insects can secrete a coating of wax that when dry makes them look like fish scales, they regularly are static and stick to the host tree forever.

Pruning and trimming of the tree are sufficient to attack and eliminate this infection.

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