Easy Pruning Mistakes

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Top Tree Pruning Mistakes Residential Alpharetta Trimmers Make

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful garden or a piece of land that has many trees in it and are in need of help making it looks picture perfect then you we the best Alpharetta tree trimming service available look no more, we Georgia Tree Company are always happy to help covering your needs.

We are well aware that saving money is always something that is in mind and nowadays is a must, but hiring that guy that your friend recommended for trimming your trees can become an expense on the long term as regularly that guy with a chainsaw that your friend recommended is not a professional and might not have a clear idea of what he is doing.

Proper Pruning And Care

Pruning trees is really important to encourage growth of healthy new branches by removing old branches and branch stubs that restrain the development of the tree.

Safety is also a reason why we have to be very diligent with our trees, leaving old branches can be a real hazard since the wind, rain or snow can make them fall and endanger the people around it.

There is a few common mistakes that can lead to ruining the look of the trees and the possible decay of it bring unexpected diseases or the unfortunate death of the tree.


This is a very common mistake as regularly people plants trees that are too big or just don’t go with the place. Removing a big portion of the top of the crown of the tree, this stops the growth of the tree and makes its looks unaesthetic.

Trimming At The Wrong Time

Nature is wise and provides the appropriate time frames for everything, with trees nature has set up certain time frames were doing a trimming or pruning is beneficial for the overall health of the tree however if you do not follow the queues nature give then you might be exposing your trees to diseases. As an example, if you any of the varieties of Oak trees then you want to have them trimmed during winter as the fluids inside the tree are not moving through the tree.  To ensure the best timing for any procedures to be done to your trees contact no one else but us, Georgia Tree Company as we are the real experts.

Improper Trimming

Hiring someone that is not an expert can cost the health of your tree or can even lead to the removal of it, we don’t want that to happen to any of our customers, that’s why we do the proper cuts that will help maintain the health of your tree for good. If a branch is cut off too close to the trunk there is a change you are also removing the callous of the branch which contains important cells that help the proper healing of the wound, it this isn’t done then you have an open area for diseases to come in the tree.

To avoid these and many other mistakes than can endanger you trees in Milton, GA. Contact us Georgia Tree Company at https://www.gatreecompany.com/


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