Expert Procedure of Removing Trees in Alpharetta

tree removal

Alpharetta tree removal experts have a superb technique inclined to the national standards. They exhibit useful ways of proper tree cutting ideas. Also the disposal of dead trees and the untreatable ones. Dead limbs can be broken easily and fall at any time. Decomposing ones are hazardous not only to adjacent plants but also to humans. Decaying status of produces molds and bacterias that is harmful to animals and man. Healthy trees sometimes need to be cut down. Those are the ones obstructing other trees. Branches or trees that are scratching the house or utility cables are required to be cut down. The process is recommended to be done only by qualified arborists.

10 Simplified Steps of Complete Tree Cutting


tree removal

tree removal

  • Local tree removal companies determine first the trees to remove. It requires cutting a few limbs.
  • Then move away valuable objects from the site. Be sure that there will be enough space for the tree to lie flat on the ground.
  • Plan which way the natural lean of the tree. Step away from the tree to determine precisely the correct angle where the tree is leaning and have a clear view of the entire surroundings.
  • Examine the trunk if there are hollow sections. Hollow areas are weak and may pull the tree against the correct angle of felling.
  • Make at least 1 or 2 escape routes. The best way to take is the area opposite to the direction where the tree is going to fall.
  • Choose the proper tools to avoid accidents and breaking the improper utensils. Small trees can be managed by a hand saw. Chainsaw is perfect for 1-foot diameter trunk and bigger.
  • Pick a direction where the tree must fall.
  • Make a 45-degree V cut towards the path where you plan to land. This undercut must be about a quarter of the depth of the tree’s diameter.
  • Then cut the opposite side 2 inches above the undercut. Take the escape route when the tree is falling. When it already fell, start removing all the branches from the bottom to top.
  • The local tree removal finishes it by chopping the logs into 2 ft. per piece and finally remove the stump.



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