Georgia Tree Service Stump Grinding Method

Clearing Up the Stumps Using Stump Grinding Method

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Manual stump removal isn’t working in some cases. Getting rid of the tree stumps can be faster through grinding. There are grinders for rent so you can remove it all by yourself. However, not all tree owners around Cumming, Georgia have enough time to grind it. Moreover, not all of them are capable of doing the job. Stump grinder is a heavy-duty equipment. It weighs around a thousand pounds. Renting one costs a couple of hundred dollars. So, why do it yourself if you can pay a tree removal services cumming to do it for you especially if you have to remove many stumps. You can hire tree professionals and let them take care of everything from grinding to cleanups.


Aside from the grinder itself shovel, mattock and chainsaw are also needed to accomplish the job. Here are some guidelines proven by cumming emergency tree removal service professionals, if you wish to venture in removing the trunk remains in your lawn:

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  • Clear the rocks that surrounds the stumps by using a mattock or a shovel.
  • Cut the stump with a chainsaw. Try to cut it as flat to the ground as possible.
  • Raise the grinder wheel a few inches over the stump with a hydraulic lever. Then turn it on and drop it for about 3 inches into the stump. Control it side to side with the lever.
  • After moving the grinder down to approximately 4 inches, move it in a forward direction. Continue the process until the whole tree stump is at least 4 inches below the ground.


Remember that the stump grinder machine is a hazardous equipment. You must wear protective gears like eye protection, long sleeves, long pants, and steel toe shoes in doing this procedure. Wearing safety gears will prevent wood chips that are flying everywhere to hurt you or cause fatal injuries. If you have never experienced using a stump grinder before, it would be better to have someone at the rental site to educate you well. Study well how to operate the machine before having it delivered to you. If you need to remove one or two tree stumps, a professional firm may possibly charge you for almost the same price as the rental cost. Many local emergency tree company cumming also haul the stump away and clean up the debris.

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