How To Trim Your Trees


Timing plays a big part when it comes to tree trimming. Rule of thumb is that you can trim up to 25% of the total foliage of a tree during its growing season without hurting it. So if a branch is bothering you and hanging to low feel free to cut it off. During the winter months you can cut off 30 to 50% of it’s branches without hurting it. You can however hurt the tree by not trimming it correctly. If you cut a bigger branch off too close to the trunk and it strips the bark off when the branch falls you can cause damage to the tree. It may be best to rely the expert from Georgia Tree Company(GTC). If you are having any tree problems or need to have a dead tree removed or just needs some trees trimmed, GTC can make all the difference. Please call with any questions or concerns about your trees at 404-990-0010. Georgia Tree Service is available 24/7 for any storm damage or emergency that may come up.

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