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Determining Whether You Have A Diseased Or Dying Tree On Your Property

It doesn’t take an expert to determine whether you have a dead tree in your yard, but it is more difficult to determine whether you have a diseased tree or one that is beyond saving. Luckily, you can find out if your trees are healthy through a series of simple visual tests. If you are noticing changes in your trees and need urgent attention, it may be time to find an Atlanta tree care service to help you check and maintain the health of your foliage. Regular tree checkups can help you prevent disease or catch and treat it early to help extend the life of your trees.

How Do I Know My Tree Is Dying?

There are easy ways to tell if your tree is about to journey to that big forest in the sky, and many of them are simple visual checks.

Scratching Bark

Scratching away a bit of the bark can tell you if your tree is even alive. Just beneath the dry, outer layer of bark in a tree’s trunk is the cambium layer. In a living tree, this layer is green and full of life; in a dead tree, it is brown and dried. Aside from the scratch test, you should check for exposed holes or wounds in the bark, as this can signal decay or rot.

Not all causes of tree disease stem from insects. Ailments can also be the result of improper planting, diseases, and weather related events such as severe storms or drought. A tree showing signs of instability, rot, or decay should be removed from the property immediately. This will help prevent the spread of disease to other trees and remove a potential hazard from your property.

Testing Twigs and Branches

You can also determine the health of a tree by testing some of the smaller branches. Remove a twig or small branch from the tree and crack it in half. The inner color of these branches can determine tree health. For instance, green will indicate that the tree is living, although a bright green is considered extremely healthy while a dull green may mean the tree is alive but not faring well. A branch with brown or black inside is considered dead.

You should also pay attention to what happens when you break a branch from the tree. Branches that are lightweight and snap off easily are considered dead wood and are an indicator that your tree is dying.

Hire An Atlanta Tree Pro

If you have reason to believe that your trees may be suffering from disease, it might be time to consider an experienced Atlanta tree service provided. Companies like Georgia Tree Company have years of experience helping trees in and around the Atlanta area and can easily help you get to the bottom of your tree problems to find and enact a solution. Check out our full range of tree services at

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