Proper Way of Tree Branch Trimming

Do you know that trees need trimming too?

Branches can grow so fast in few weeks and months. This can be very attractive to birds and other animals that live inside this branches of large trees. For humans it can be very helpful and sometimes, we just love spending time under the tree. Tree branches give great shades to both humans and animals when there’s heat during the daytime. We can rest under the tree and enjoy the picnic in a fine weather.


Since that trees are very useful we also have the responsibility to take good care of them. Branch trimming can make the trees healthy and at the same time, we can avoid serious casualties for branches that are dangerously positioned.


What is the proper way of branch trimming?

We should not just cut the branches. There’s a proper way of branch pruning to keep the trees healthy. We consider few things like time, climate, type of trees and the right tools in performing this tasks.  The best time to prune trees is when the tree is dormant. So, in general, the best time to trim its branches is during winter.

Don’t worry, you can still trim tree branches during the spring and summer time. Dead or damaged branches can be removed at any time. Avoid pruning trees on a rainy season.

To prune the specific type of tree you have to make sure there aren’t any special pruning techniques for it. Always seek professional help for this tasks.

Some types of trees (like fruit or flowering trees) prefer to be pruned after they are done blooming, or at other times of the year. Also, most types of evergreen trees don’t need to be pruned, except to remove any dead or undesirable growth.

And never, never try pruning your own trees if they are anywhere near power lines. It’s best to just let the pros handle that!


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