While having trees in your yard are typically considered to be valuable assets and increase the worth of your home, they do get old, too large, or diseased and have to be removed. When trees aren’t trimmed and maintained on a yearly basis they can fall victim to ice storms, windstorms, fungus and many other problems. Plus, sometimes they’re just too close to your home and the roots can start lifting and cracking the foundation. There are some things that you can do to slow down the damage but sometimes it’s just best to call the professional and have the tree removed.

Tree Removed

You Should Always Cut Off Damaged Branches or Get Tree Removed

During winter storms of ice, snow or wind, branches can be broken off, sometimes large and other times small. The problem arises when the cracked branch leaves an open wound into the interior of the tree. Then insects and fungi attack, causing damage to more limbs and possibly the trunk. If it’s valuable tree that you’d like to save, you should always contact an arborist and have the damaged areas of trees cut cleanly off and patched to save the tree for the long-term.

In addition to that, you should also have most trees trimmed back every year or so in order to keep their branches shorter, stronger, and healthier. The logic is that when a storm hits, the long spindly branches are weaker and more likely to break under pressure. And of course, the broken branches never happen where you want them to either. So one of the best ways to avoid tree removal is to have your tree cared for by a licensed tree care specialist about once a year.

Tree Removed

Tree Removed Because Roots Can Also Be A Huge Problem

When many trees are planted people don’t think of the future size and shape of the tree or its roots. Typically, a tree’s roots will equal the size of the upper branches, just buried underground where you can’t see them. They can grow deep under a foundation and actually start to lift it in its entirety or just sections of it depending on location and the strength of the concrete.

About the only way to stop the problem with roots is to dig down deeply along your foundation and cut off the roots physically that are there. Then you should also pour plenty of copper sulfate crystals into the trench before filling it in. This will prevent the tree roots from regrowing again for several years. You should follow the directions on the container to get the job done correctly. At some point, you should consider getting an expert opinion as to whether it’s really worth the effort or if you should have the tree removed instead and replant another, farther from your home.

Trees are beautiful, plus they provide us with shade and fresh oxygen naturally. When you take care of them correctly, they’ll live many decades but eventually they may need to be removed. You should always check with a tree professional to make sure you have tried all possible avenues of saving your tree before you take it out and start over.

Tree Removed