An accurate tree diagnosis by Georgia Tree Company (GTC)


An accurate tree diagnosis by Georgia Tree Company (GTC) in Cumming, GA will reveal tree decay symptoms and identify dead trees threatening your property. While well maintained and healthy trees can increase the appeal of a property, decaying or diseased trees can harm not only the aesthetics but also the safety of a property. It is important to take timely advice about such trees and remove them if required. We provide exceptional tree analysis to our customers. Learn more about alarming tree decay symptoms that should concern you.



1. Leaf Symptoms

One of the first noticeable symptoms of tree sickness is excessive leaf drop. If a tree suddenly loses many of its leaves in spring or summer is likely to be sick. Leaves that stay attached but are discolored and shriveled before autumn are also symptoms of sickness.

2. Branch Symptoms

Falling branches are another sign of tree decaying. It is extremely important to take action for such trees for they may snap off and cause damage to your property

3. Trunk Symptoms

An owl whole is actually a bad sign for a tree’s health. Look for rot out spaces near the base of trunk for other indicators of tree sickness.

4. Bark Symptoms

Trunks also show signs of decaying. A sick tree might have flaking, brittle bark. “Bald” spots.

5. Root Symptoms

If a there are signs of sogginess such as fungus and wood ears around the roots then your tree might be sick.

Do you have a tree in your backyard that is showing signs of decaying? We can help you remove it. Come to us for quality tree crown reduction services. We will be there on time for emergency tree cutting and pruning services.