Tree Stumps – Turn Them Into An Art

Instead of allowing tree stumps to simply rot away, consider using them to create an expression of the creative part of you. This falls in line with the recycling practices being encouraged by emergency tree service Gainesville, which is one of the municipalities in Georgia. Recycling tree stumps into garden art is both creative and fun.

How You Can Turn Tree Stumps To Art

  • Tree stumps are good materials for beautiful garden art and decorations. Tree service Milton area for instance, lists the various art expressions that you can do with your tree stumps to include furniture, flower pot stands, wooden sculptures, wooden paths, etc. All these add color to your home and garden and could be a delight to behold by your neighbors and visitors.
  • You can simply paint them a variety of interesting and appealing colours which will be an expression of your creativity. It can also help you convert your place to a sanctuary of some sort where colours can be created to exhibit various effects.
  • You can use the rustic nature of tree stumps to contrast with flowers to create beautiful designs.
  • You can hew them into logs that you can use to build your fence. This will create a unique design that will spruce up the overall appeal of the environment around your home.
  • You can convert them to garden tables on which you can eat your favourite meals and have family fun times.

In using tree stumps for the expression of your creativity, you must note that they will need some kind of treatment for preservation. Some of the treatments will include:

  • Dehydration. This includes all the measures undertaken to dry up all forms of withheld moisture from inside the stump. This will prevent rotting and will increase its capacity of being used as a medium of expressing your creativity in art.
  • Coating with oil-based paint. Oil-based paints are usually water-resistant and will prevent the rotting effects of water from rainfall and other weather elements. Oil-based paints also protect the your tree stumps from insect invasion, and also invasion by rodents. This will ensure that they remain durable and will be able to serve you for a long time.

Deciding to recycle your tree stumps and turn them into arts will require that you pay attention to the effects of natural wear and tear as given their usual rustic nature, they will be an eyesore if they are poorly maintained, with colours and designs fading away.

What Do You Stand To Gain?

You will stand to gain the following when you turn your tree stumps into art:

  • A beautiful landscape. The level of rare creativity that goes into turning your tree stumps into arts, will create a beautiful and appealing landscape around your home.
  • Therapeutic effects. You can base your design according to a theme especially when you want to create a traditional effect. This will have the capacity to create relaxing nostalgic feelings.
  • Self-satisfaction and esteem. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself when you see your finished work.
  • Admiration of neighbours. Neighbours will always admire your creativity and you could become an inspiration to them.
  • You save the extra money which arborists would have charged to remove tree stumps.
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