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How Tree Trimmer Service Do Proper Tree Pruning Method from Planting to Maturity?


Tree pruning, trimming, or cutting is a continuing activity throughout the life of a tree. After choosing the desired tree and carefully planting it, early pruning is an imperative activity you can do for a tree in its early years.

Correct pruning will save you a couple of dollars and will assure you safety, healthier, more beautiful and hassle-free tree. Keep in mind what you do to the tree in the first few stages of its life will affect its strength, shape, and even its years.

Tree Pruning Method at Planting

Tree service allow as much of the whole leaf surface as possible for food production that will create a larger root system. Roots will become larger after a year if no pruned.

Prune the following tree parts and trim near the trunk:


  • Branches interfering the leader.
  • Branches that are broken.
  • Branches that are swollen from stings or pest eggs.
  • Eliminate tree tags.

Prune the tree after 3 to 4 Years. Root growth must be on its way to expanding the size required to sustain the growing branches.

  • Remove the root suckers and sprouts in the head.
  • Reduce excessive branches to avoid competition for nutrients, water, and light.
  • Cut the other dominant leader.
  • Eliminate a few of the bottom limbs. Leave other limbs temporarily to help the trunk establish more strength.
  • Remove limbs that are growing towards undesirable direction.
  • Cut the branches that are narrow angled.   

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Prune it again after 5 to 7 Years

  • Limbs below are pruned off to elevate the bottom of the crown. The lowest branches will be permanent.
  • Trim back a couple of the higher up branches so they don’t protrude beyond the outline of the crown.
  • Survey tree to see if you need to cut some branches for even spacing.

15 years after planting, expert tree pruners suggests to prune the tree again. With the right pruning at the early years of your tree will have a better chance of surviving harsh weathers like ice, wind storms, and drought because proper pruning strengthen the limbs. Beginning each spring, inspect dead or damaged limbs and remove it using proper pruning methods.

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