What Everyone Should Know About Stump Grinding

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Stump grinding is one of the many tree removal services offered by the Georgia Tree Company. Stump grinding is the process of grinding a stump that’s been left after a tree is cut, and most stumps are cut into small pieces so there’s nothing left except a few inches of stump resting below the earth. The remaining part of the stump is covered with soil and dirt, and then it’s up to mother nature to take care of the rest; the ground stump could also be used as mulch. Professionals use a stump grinder to accomplish this task, and this machine has both a hydraulically controlled arm and cutting wheel.

Some prefer to remove the stump entirely, including the root. Stump removal is a slightly trickier process, especially for older trees, because root balls expand considerably and can be about four to five times the size of a tree! You also have to deal with the hole that’s left behind after the roots have been pulled out.

Stump grinding is preferred over stump removal because it is both affordable and quick. Some of the other advantages associated with stump grinding include:

1. Grinding Prevents Pest Infestations

The stump that’s left after a tree is cut may become a haven for pests and insects, like carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and termites. These pests can move to trees that are close by and cause disease to spread. Or worse, termites could infest your home and cause immense damage. It makes sense to spend a little money on stump grinding, especially when the alternative is spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

2. Stumps Are Unsightly

Why would you want an ugly stump on your otherwise well-maintained lawn? Unless you have a creative bend of mind and you’ve found a unique use for the stump, there’s no reason to spoil your lawn’s visual appeal with an unsightly stump.

3. A Stump May Be Hazardous

Stumps aren’t just unattractive—they’re dangerous as well, especially if there are children running around. Someone could trip over the stump and hurt themselves. You could also damage your lawn equipment if you’re not careful around a stump. And did you know sometimes small trees can sprout from a stump and pull nutrients from the trees around it? Plants that sprout from stumps are usually unstable, so you may have to look into tree removal services if you need these cut down.



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