What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your House

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A fallen tree could cause serious structural damage and pose a huge risk to the safety of your life and property. The best way to avoid this is to look for warning signs that something is wrong with the tree. Some of the signs that your tree is in danger of falling include, a hole in trunk, deep cracks in the bark, dead leaves, and rotten roots. And if you aren’t sure if the tree is in danger of falling, call our tree service professionals for expert advice.
But, if the damage is already done and your tree has fallen, here are a few things you must do immediately to prevent further damage

1. Call 911 Immediately

A fallen tree is more than likely to bring down electric lines with it creating an imminent danger of fire or electric shock. If there is no power in the house, or if lights are flickering, chances are, the power line is down. Even when the power line is unaffected, it’s best that you shut off the breaker box and wait until help arrives.
Call the local electrical company and wait outside the house until technicians from the company arrive. Follow all instructions offered by the 911 operator or the customer service team at the electrical company.

2. Call The Arborist

Certified arborists at our tree service company have sophisticated equipment to remove the fallen tree. We offer emergency tree removal service and make sure the place is spotlessly clean after the job is done.
DIY fans note: In your enthusiasm to do things yourselves, you could put yourself and everyone else in danger. Every year, there are about 200 fatal tree-related injuries in the US. A hundred things could go wrong – it’s best to leave the job to professionals and prevent further damage.

3. Call The Insurance Company

Your insurance provider will help you figure out the next step. The insurance adjuster may want to visit the place to assess the damage before a claim can be filed. At the Georgia Tree Company, we work directly with clients to ensure that if a claim is filed, they receive a maximum settlement.
Take photos of the damage to show them to the insurance company – you could also upload them on their website to speed up the evaluation process. You could also be asked to get estimates for repair work. Hold off any serious repair work until the insurance company agrees to the claim amount.
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