When to Call Emergency Tree Services

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Damaged trees are a huge risk for both persons and property: they can damage your home and the electricity lines connected to it, and they can even injure unsuspecting human beings. If you have a tree on your property, it’s important to take care of that tree, for damaged or hanging trees often cause legal or other unwanted consequences. Below are some points regarding why and when you should look for emergency tree services in Atlanta:

1. After a Natural Calamity

Storms, heavy rains, and hurricanes can wreak havoc on trees. Remember to inspect the trees on your property after extreme weather; look for signs of damage like a leaning trunk, broken branches, and hanging branches. If a tree is leaning towards your home, power lines, or neighboring homes, or if there’s soil erosion, you should contact a professional to get their opinion. We can come to the site to assess the damage, and we can suggest the right course of action. We’re available 24/7 and can be at the site in 30 minutes or less.
You may think you don’t need professional assistance, but some weathered trees may be prone to dangers that aren’t apparent. Some trees, for example, have high-pressure points while others are easily electrocuted. A professional can assess a tree and know exactly what its strengths and weaknesses are.

2. Hanging Branches Are Dangerous

Don’t wait until a branch falls and damages your property to get professional assistance. If there’s a tree hanging over your home or a neighboring property, start looking for tree removal services right away. If a storm alert has been issued, take preventative action to limit potential tree-related damage. And if a tree has fallen, make sure no one has been hurt; you’ll want to see if electricity lines are affected as well. If electricity line have been damaged, call the utility company immediately. Remember to take photos of the scene for insurance purposes. Get in touch with our emergency tree services in Atlanta to have a tree removed from your property. We offer damage cleanup as well.

3. Diseased Trees Are Dangerous

We’ve already discussed tree-related diseases in a previous post, but it’s important to point out here that some diseases are hard to diagnose; therefore, a problem could go undiagnosed for a long time. A disease could be causing serious damage to a tree on your property, and it may even cause the tree to die. Diseased trees are typically unstable, so they can fall over if subjected to severe weather. Emergency tree services can inspect the tree and remove it if it’s diseased, preventing potential damage.

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